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Circular Knitting Machine





Computerized Jersey Jacquard Series is a new machine type developed by BUSHUO integrating its many years’ experience in machinery manufacturing and knitting with the technology of Japan WAC internationally advanced needle selection mechanism. Its excellent performances have won favorable comments from customers at home and abroad.
The design of control system adopts the most advanced micro-processing technique to mount the electronic computing system and computerized needle selector in the machine set. Touch-screen LCD is used to facilitate easy operation and save up space, thus keeping the machine & s overall neatness and good-looking. Pattern design software to cover various graphic patterns.

Product Specification

No special drawing software is required. The universal drawing software available in market is acceptable. The face pattern may be scanned into or directly designed in computer, and then be converted into needle selection program by WAC DESIGNER software EXPENSION after color correction and drawing modification. The program is thus saved in the disk and transported to machine for running. Quick change of patterns may be realized in several minutes. The pattern data can be saved in computer hard disk or floppy disk.